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Your Chance to Tell Nintendo Their E3 Conference Sucked!

Too be honest, Nintendo’s performance at E3 2015 sucked, big time. There were tons of others things they could have done, tons of things they shouldn’t have done and so on.

Most of us have agreed on that for a while but now we have our chance to tell them just how much did their E3 performance needs improvement, thanks to survey being held by Nintendo of America currently.

To start off, the survey posed a question inquiring about characteristics that an ideal gaming brand should have, followed by what exactly do you think Nintendo is about – giving the same list of characteristics they gave in the previous question.

However, there is more. For instance whether you prefer to preorder games or purchase after release and where do you usually order it from i.e. retailers or Nintendo itself.

Nonetheless, the survey is pretty long and it will take you some time before you can get to the part about their E3 presentation. You can tell them how were they this year ranging from “nailed it” to “awful!”

They also ask whether you prefer video on demand or livestreaming, as if they still don’t know.

Moving on they inquired whether their E3 events like Nintendo World Championships, Digital Event, Treehouse Live @ E3, Nintendo World Qualifiers at Best Buy, Super Mario Maker Best Buy Sampling and Super Mario Bros. 30th UGC Contest were successful or not.

Or whether you even knew of them at that time or not.

They shift to the game announcements that came at E3 asking whether you are excited about them – individually. Then there are inquiries into preferred communication channels, amount of content shown at E3 and so on and so forth about numerous other things including suggestions for the future.

Check it out here and speak your heart out!