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Two New Splatoon Maps Shown Off In Commercials

If you are playing Splatoon you would be glad to know that the developers are bringing you some more fun locations to splat with paint. Apparently two new maps have been shown off in a commercial.

Since the images have not come from any of the official sources, they were originally termed as a rumor but many of the fans from Japan have confirmed that they were indeed a part of some commercials that the developers ran in Japan.

That being said, there are four images in total that show off two new maps that are probably coming your way very soon in Splatoon. We have attached all of them in the gallery below, check them out and tell us what you think.

In parallel news, the latest patch titled update 2.0.0 went live in the game a couple of days ago and with it the developers have brought you Tag Matches as well as Private Matches. You may want to read up on that as well as the complete patch notes that we have covered here.

As far as the aforementioned new maps of Splatoon are concerned, we will definitely look for a more official word in them so that there is no doubt left about their authenticity. Until then, tell us how good a job Nintendo EAD Group No. 2 has done on it.