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Scalebound World, Protagonist, “Pulse,” Dragons Discussed

First things first, if you have seen the reveal of Scalebound at Gamescom 2015 you would know that it iis not the game you thought; it is much, much more. It is probably the best JRPG Xbox One has!

That being said, Hideki Kamiya made sure we knew exactly what the game is about at a behind closed doors conference post the Gamescom reveal so here we are with some of the juicy bits.

So the world of Scalebound is called Draconis which Kamiya doesn’t recognize as open world due to the broad definition of the phrase but promises that it is going to be a “very, very large world” where tons of things are going to fit in.

Draconis runs on “Pulse,” an energy that is to blame for the astonishing but flying islands as well as the special kind of nature you will experience. It is also the source of power for our protagonist and his loved dragon.

Talking of, the protagonist’s name is Drew who shares a strong bond with the dragon – evident from scales on his right arm. His superpower is his dragon form which also gets pumped up by the Pulse that allows him to become a humanoid dragon.

You will not be directly controlling the dragon but there will be options to tell him to go to a specific place and so on. Moving on, despite the strong bond you will sometimes have to part ways in Scalebound.

Last but not the least Drew is customizable using skill points you earn after killing enemies.