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Nintendo Discusses Timing and Reasoning Behind Nintendo NX Announcement

Executive VP of Sales at Nintendo of America Scott Moffitt recently talked about the ‘reasoning and timing’ of the Nintendo NX announcement.

Back in March this year, Nintendo officially announced that it was working on a new console codenamed Nintendo NX. Speaking to Examiner; Moffitt said that it was important for the company to announce new hardware since it reinforced the fact that Nintendo remained committed to the world of dedicated game platforms:

Going back to the reveal, it was important for us to reinforce to our loyal game fans out there that we remain committed to the world of dedicated game platforms.

Moffitt also said that the company did not want fans to believe that it was moving away from the core principle, which is the power of dedicated game platforms:

We didn’t want people to think we were migrating away from that core principle, which is we believe in the power of dedicate game platforms and we are going to remain in that business.

Since Nintendo is also jumping into the mobile gaming, Moffitt reiterated that it will never be a substitute for game consoles which is why Nintendo decided to announced Nintendo NX at the same time as mobile gaming:

We don’t want it to be a substitute for the kind of game experience you can get and that’s why we announced it at that time

Lastly, he said that normally the company would not have told people of any new hardware in the making, but Nintendo wanted fans to know that it remained committed to core gaming experience and gaming consoles:

Normally, we wouldn’t have taken that step of telling people we are working on the next system, but we wanted people to know we remain committed to the dedicated game device business.

Speaking of Nintendo NX announcement reception, Moffitt said that people’s reaction was ‘very enthusiastic’ and they respected the fact that Nintendo remains committed to delivering rich, deep experiences that fans can enjoy in the living room.