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Microsoft is Considering Competing with Steam in Near Future

Microsoft is currently not intending to compete with Steam, but it is not ruling out the possibility entirely.

Kevin Unangst, Microsoft Senior Director for PC gaming, in an interview with PC Gamer said that Microsoft currently has no plans to compete with Steam. Instead the company wishes Steam to be even more successful for all the great things it has done for PC gamers:

We are not intending to compete with Steam. If anything, we want Steam to be even more successful — they have done great things for PC gamers in terms of having a single store.

However, in the recently released Windows 10, Microsoft has included a full-featured Microsoft Store and may push developers to add their games and applications directly into Microsoft Store. This is exactly what Unangst reiterated in addition to saying that healthy competition is good for people:

Over time do we want more developers to come over to our store and offer it in addition to Steam? Absolutely. Is competition good for people? Absolutely.

So there you have it! Microsoft may not want to compete with Steam right now, but it is certainly considering the possibility in future. Do you think Microsoft has what it takes to go against Steam Store?

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