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Final Fantasy XV Should and Might Have Airships: Hajime Tabata

How would you like it if you are able to air-dash through the skies of Final Fantasy XV? I am sure you are not going to say no, and guess what, there is a high probability that the game is going to get airships.

Actually, it is Hajime Tabata himself who is serious about airships – not just me – insofar as he thinks it is his personal goal to get airships flying around full scale.

Of course it would be a different story whether they can actually make the cut at the time when Final Fantasy XV releases or not, but even in that case the developers might bring them in through an additional download.

My personal goal is to implement airships that can fly around in full-scale. I’m not certain whether we’ll be able to make it on time for the retail release, but I think we should do even if it means releasing it after as a download.

I’d like to have the challenge of being able to fly around the world. I would like to experience that, and I’m sure the fans would also like to experience that, too.

Oh I would definitely like it if we are able to explore the world vertically, won’t you?

Final Fantasy XV doesn’t have a release date yet, but it will come out in 2016.