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FIFA 16 FUT Price Ranges Are Staying To Make Game Fair For Everyone

Remember the FUT price ranges and the arguments for and against it from last year? Well, EA Sports have confirmed that the price ranges are here to stay in FIFA 16.

The confirmation was reiterated by official Twitter profile of Gilliard Lopes, the series producer who replied to a tweet not only with the status of FUT price ranges but also the reason why they are so steadfast on keeping them:

I’ve already confirmed that ranges are staying. We need to remain on top of the illegal market, now more than ever.

Once Lopes tweeted that, the fans kept pitching in more queries and the producer ended up explaining a lot about how this is going to work in FIFA 16 since some of the fans were not really satisfied – owing to their experiences in FIFA 15.

He added, “all I’m asking is for people to wait and see, our FUT market team are best in business, they know what they’re doing.”

However, if you think that the FUT price ranges are not the right way to go about doing this, read up on Electronic Arts’ side of the story and tell us if you agree:

The whole price ranges in 16 debate before the game is even out is pointless because everyone is basing their opinions on the 15 market. Illegal coins -> massive price inflation. People bought Messi for 4M then price ranges came in, so of course they will not sell for 400k. But in a brand new marketplace starting from scratch, without the inflation, Messis would be bought and sold for reasonable prices.

That being said, we would love to hear your opinions on the matter of FIFA 16 FUT price ranges.