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Destiny Developer Explains Why Some Popular Weapons Are Being Rebalanced

In little over a month, Destiny will get a new expansion called The Taken King. Along with it, players will get an update that will make significant changes to weapons.

Developers are reducing the effectiveness of hand-cannon Thorn and the rocket launcher Gjallarhorn, among others. Destiny players were not happy with the decision and frankly, we needed an explanation.

So, we now do have an explanation from Bungie that will let us know why the studio is nerfing some weapons. Bungie’s community manager, David “Deej” Dague spoke during an interview and said:

This is the challenge for us, to create things that you always want to do. If we created Destiny where it was just a game like, ‘Oh, another Destiny game is coming out, which I like to [think of as just] more aliens to kill with my Gjallarhorn,’ [then] I think people would probably accuse us of design failure. We want to give you new things to experience all the time, new places to go, new ways to upgrade your Guardian, new enemies to fight, new weapons to use, new subclasses to master. The act of playing Destiny is all about evolving your character. And using the same weapons for the next decade wasn’t really part of that vision.

Deej went on speak about Gjallarhorn specifically, since it is a fan-favorite weapons, and said that they want players to diversify and keep guessing. Bungie wants players to choose different weapons for different scenarios, based on their tactical advantage.

Destiny shouldn’t be a “Gjallarhorn simulator version 4.0,” in a few years. Fair enough I guess.

Destiny: The Taken King will be available starting September 15.