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What Just Cause 3 Devs Think of DX12, PlayStation 4 Preference

When you think of Just Cause 3 does it make you feel like Avalanche Studios is going to prefer PlayStation 4 over the other platforms? Apparently, that is not the case at the development studio!

Roland Lesterlin, the game director at Avalanche Studios was recently talking to the good guys at VG247 Italy where he debunked the confusion stating that they were considering all the platforms equally.

The confusion erupted when apparently someone at Gamescom gave the impression that the lead platform for PlayStation 4. However, those of you who prefer you Xbox One to it should not worry about that anymore.

Here’s what Lesterlin had to say on the matter – or at least a rough translation of the same from Italian to English:

We have a reference platform. Simply we are developing Just Cause 3 in parallel on all three consoles and thanks to a dedicated team for each platform we are trying to squeeze every drop of power from these three very high-performance hardware.

The Just Cause 3 developers are trying to optimize the code for each platform to the length that they are allowed by PC, PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One.

Moving on, if the question about DirectX 12 support has crossed your mind previously, he added that since the game was being developed with DirectX 11 in mind, “[he was not] sure if the DirectX12 will be implemented in the months following the release of the game.”

Just Cause 3 hits the shelves on December 1.