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Understanding Star Wars: Battlefront Fighter Squadron and StarFighters Gameplay Mechanics

Fans that are looking forward to relive the days of X-Wing versus TIE Fighter in Star Wars: Battlefront may not be too happy with the result.

According to a preview of the game’s recently announced Fighter Squadron mode by GameInformer’s Mike Futter; both X-Wings and TIE Fighters do not retain their iconic personalities in Star Wars: Battlefront.

According to Futter, X-Wings and TIE Fighters are supposed to behave differently with TIE Fighters relying on sheer speed and the ability to outflank Rebel X-Wings while X-Wings are supposed to be heavily armored and lack the ability for sharp turns.

However, in Star Wars: Battlefront, they both feel identical with TIE Fighter having a speed boost and X-Wing having a shield which only lasts for a short duration of time and has extended cooldown times. In addition to this, there are several other aspects which feel almost identical.

Still, the game mode manages to incorporate iconic ships such as the Millennium Falcon and Boba Fett’s Slave-1 in an amazing manner. But in the end, due to these minor things, fans may not be happy with the results in some capacity.

Star Wars: Battlefront is scheduled to release on Nov. 17, 2015 on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

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