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Riot Will Soon Axe League of Legends “Refer-a-Friend” System

Riot has formally announced that it will axe the League of Legends “Refer-a-friend” system in about a month. The system launched almost five years ago in 2010.

The system rewarded players for bringing in their friends to League of Legends. Refer-a-Friend was updated a few times by Riot, in order to reduce botting and make prize tiers more achievable.

However, after re-introducing the system earlier this year, the company now feels that it is not helpful enough. Hence, the decision to axe it.

Since relaunching RAF earlier this year we’ve been tracking how both new and referring players play with the feature and the results show it’s not helping players find new people to game with. In fact, we experimented with turning RAF off in some regions, and there was no discernible change in social behaviors.

Riot further added that League systems should help make it easier and more rewarding for players to hit the Rift; but RAF jus isn’t proving as effective as they hoped.

RAF is scheduled for decommission in 28 days on September 5.

With that said, Riot believes that new features like Party IP, friend discovery and Team Up and Pool Party did well for the community. Riot will continue working on such social systems and events.

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