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Palmer Luckey Creator of Oculus Rift Responds to the Time Cover Controversy

Whether or not virtual reality will take over the world of gaming or not, one thing we can be certain of is that people look a silly while wearing the headsets. We just have to look at the Time Magazine front cover to prove this.


When Palmer Luckey the creator of Oculus Rift heard he was to feature on the cover of the prestigious magazine, the last thing he probably considered would be the way the internet would react to it. Some offended, some amused, they took to Twitter to provide their own form of feedback.

There are a few interesting ones:

When Gamespot managed to talk to Luckey, and when asked if he was surprised by the reaction, he said:

“I don’t get caught up in it too much. I think it’s fun. I love the cover.”

On whether the cover would damage people’s views on virtual reality, he didn’t think it would harm opinion at all:

“People have said, ‘Oh, this is going to set virtual reality back so far.’ I’m like, are you guys really giving that much importance to an old-media cover?” he said. “It’s insignificant in the scheme of this massive explosion in virtual reality’s popularity. I love the cover; I think it’s great.”

While he is probably correct in the belief that the cover won’t affect what people think about virtual reality, more importantly it raises the question of if Oculus Rift, Morpheus and other VR devices will change the world of gaming.

Whatever demonstrations are shown and games are run using the hardware, will it sell to the average gamer? With the prices quoted for the Oculus Rift at $1,500 for the headset and computer powerful enough to run it, is it just too expensive at this time?

Do you think the future of gaming is in virtual reality? Let us know your thoughts below.