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Light Levels Will Still Have Their Uses in Destiny: The Taken King

Fans of Destiny have been deluged with so much information surrounding The Taken King that it all gets a bit confusing at times. One thing that has been cleared up in a new interview with IGN though is the issues around Light Levels and how they are changing.

When Game Informer revealed the news that Light Levels would no longer be needed to hit the maximum level cap of 40, Bungie have said this is a move to make things less confusing for the player. The question is what use will they have now? In the interview with IGN David “DeeJ” Dague made it clear they will still be useful, even with the changes.

The Light levels will now indicate the total attack and defence stats instead. Missions will have recommended Light levels and there will be more of an importance on how the Guardian is outfitted rather than hitting a maximum Light cap.

Another area of The Taken King that was commented on was what level players will need to be to take on The Taken King. DeeJ says that players who are around level 34 will be at a strength where they can start the expansion, but people as low as level 26 can also take it on, but would experience more of a challenge. While Bungie haven’t decided on exactly what the entry level will be, it is fair to say that lower level experienced people won’t be able to just jump straight in.

With Destiny: The Taken King bringing so many changes to the game, anticipation is growing for the release, which comes September 15. When it finally arrives we’ll see if it delivers on all the promises it seems to be making.

Are you looking forward to taking on The Taken King? Let us know your thoughts below.