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League of Legends Sandbox Mode and Why Riot Needs to Stop Acting Like a Parent

League of Legends developer is currently being picked apart by the community for not introducing a sandbox practice mode in the game.

There is no doubt that MOBAs have a steep learning curve and a sandbox practice mode which would allow newcomers – or skilled players on some occasions – to practice various components of the game without ruining the game for their teammates in an actual match should be on every MOBA developer’s list.

Valve’s DOTA 2 has a pretty decent practice system which allows players to test out new champions and understand various components of the game before starting playing with human players. Even the newly launched Heroes of the Storm lets players try out different heroes and makes it easier for newcomers to learn the game.

League of Legends developer, Riot Games, on the other hand has a completely different stance as evident from the official statement:

We’ve heard a number of player requests for a sandbox mode, with two main reasons: the first is trying out new content – which is something we value too. We want players to know what they’re getting and to be happy with the things they’re unlocking (we may investigate other ways to do this). The second is that players want to practice very specific skills without the constraints of a regular game. For this point, our stance is that sandbox mode is not the way to go.

The post continues with Riot Games stating that players should jump right into the matches with other players to learn the game.

Following the statement, Reddit and League of Legends forums saw an outcry from the fans who criticized the developer for not listening to the fans.

What is your take on this? Do you think Riot Games should introduce a sandbox practice mode in League of Legends or is it fine the way it is? Let us know in the comments section below!