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Journey of The Light is a Shameless Steam Scam, Not a Game

Interesting stuff is happening over at Steam, apparently a guy named “Lord Kres” put up his game called Journey of the Light for sale but it turns out that the whole thing was nothing but a scam.

Tons of complaints on the internet have substantiated that contrary to the promised seven levels, the game just has one (the first level) and that too is unsolvable.

The steam page of the game also shows that there are achievements attached to the levels being completed but only one person has completed any of them, guess who that is? Yea, Lord Kres himself.

While it is a fact that the guy advertised the game as “the hardest on Steam,” in reality, the installation files show that no matter which chapter you try to load the game only gets you chapter one and in the file directory all the chapter folders seem to have been created on the same day and have the same size.

Luckily, the latest update on the Steam page has been from the Steam team that reads “we have enabled refunds for all owners of Journey of the Light, regardless of playtime or purchase date. If you wish to receive a refund for this title, please click the [link] and follow the instructions on the Support Site.”

Not that we needed any more evidence, but in the reviews section this game has 200 negative reviews as opposed to 54 surprisingly positive reviews. Surprising, obviously, because we are yet to find one legitimate claim that Journey of the Light offers good value for money.

So yeah, if you had bought this game and were stuck at the first level thinking what on earth is going on, here’s your chance to get the moolah back.