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Heroes of the Storm: Another StarCraft Hero Confirmed by Blizzard Dev

Okay so we have known for a while that Heroes of the Storm is going to get one hero from StarCraft franchise but guess what, there are two!

Fans of the game were speculating as to who would be the hero from StarCraft that would grace the MOBA this time through a Reddit thread. Someone made a lift the speculated heroes alongside a very detailed account of each one of them including everything from reasons as well as possible abilities.

Phill Gonzales, the primary character artist for Heroes of the Storm at Blizzard Entertainment, responded to the thread and confirmed that the hero in question is going to be Artanis.

However, that was not all. The developer went on to commend the fan by adding “that was a good write-up,” and also opened up another speculative thread saying “your list also had another hero listed that’s gearing up. Well done sir.”

I know, I know, you are jumping up to check what other heroes were mentioned in that list so here they are: Artanis (already confirmed), Fenix, Zurvan, General Warfield, Dehaka and Stukov.

Out of these, Fenix is a no go because Dustin Browder has confirmed that making him would require a resurrection mechanic and we already have a lot of that in the game. So despite being their first choice, this one’s out.

that leaves us with only a handful, which hero do you think Blizzard will bring to Heroes of the Storm now?