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Final Fantasy XV Director Comments on PS4 and Xbox One Frame-Rate, Difference in Hardware is an Issue

The long in development Final Fantasy XV was running at 30 frames-per-second with 1080p resolution, when Episode Duscae came out a few months ago.

Players reported that frame-rate isn’t very stable, but it was nothing to be concerned as the game was still way too far from release, it still is.

Square Enix recently showed Episode Duscae 2.0, and fans will be happy to know that frame-rate problems are nowhere to be seen.

However, due to difference in hardware, hitting the same visuals on both consoles isn’t easy for developers at all, which could have caused shaky frame-rate on Duscae 1.0.

Director Hajime Tabata and his team are targeting the same frame-rate and resolution for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. When asked about how things are going in this regard, Tabata said:

The honest answer to that is that there’s obviously a difference in specifications between the two consoles. Maybe we haven’t fully grasped how to get the full potential of each of the consoles yet. We’re still working on that.

If we were gonna make it just for a single platform, and really optimize the game structure and the technology for the platform, it would be very possible to do that.

But because we have to work on that as a multiplatform game, I still can’t quite guarantee that we’ll definitely be able to make that on all platforms.

However, from a technical point of view:

we are already at a point where we can very much guarantee a thirty frames per second frame rate with constant and stable rate in the same way as in Duscae 2.0.

Tabata also mentions a PC version, which they may consider after the release of the game on console. Final Fantasy XV is still without a release date but we are expecting it to release in 2016.