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EA Will Release Games On Thursdays In UK, Battlefront, FIFA and More to Release Early

Publisher/Developer EA will release games on Thursdays in the United Kingdom from now on. The decision has affected release dates for major franchises like FIFA, Madden Need for Speed and Star Wars.

All of these games will now release a day early in the UK. Before this, games usually released on Fridays, a day after the rest of Europe.

EA said:

Until now, players in the UK have had to wait until Friday for new EA games to release, one day after the rest of Europe. We realised that players wanted to be able to get in the game the same time as their friends across Europe and we’re happy to make this change.

New release dates for games are as follow:

  • EA Sports Madden NFL 16 – August 27
  • EA Sports FIFA 16 – September 24
  • Need for Speed – November 5
  • Star Wars Battlefront – November 19

One day doesn’t make much difference in most cases, but when you are waiting for your favorite game, 24 hours do matter. For more information, visit the link posted above.

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