Crackdown 3 Needs Just a 2-4 Mbps Connection: Reagent Games

Okay so there are a number of reasons why you should look out for Crackdown 3 when it arrives on Xbox One; but despite all those impressive things, the game is not asking for a very strong internet connection that you might expect due to cloud usage.

According to bits and pieces of details shared by series creator Dave Jones of Reagent Games recently, the developers are aiming to optimize the game for running perfectly on a 2 to 4Mbps connection.

A quick check on google tells me that the average internet connection speeds in the United States is a little over 10Mbps and the story in United Kingdom is no different.

Now there are regions with a slower internet connection but if Crackdown 3 developers are going to make the game suitable for 2 to 4Mbps it means a lot of you guys out there are not going to have much of a problem.

Also, 4Mbps is usually what someone would recommend you if you wish to play an online game – considering that you don’t have server issues causing lag otherwise.

Seeing how the game allows a lot of physicality and interaction with (read destruction of) the environments, and the usage of cloud on Xbox One I think this is pretty good.

That being said, such a requirement for a game relying on cloud computing also shows the way to future projects.

Do you think you will be able to play Crackdown 3 on your internet speed?