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Bethesda Release their Latest Fallout Vault Boy of the Month Shirt

Bethesda have had a successful time at Gamescom 2015, with people seemingly impressed with what they’ve been shown of the game. For those who haven’t seen it though, Bethesda have something a little different on offer in the form of a new Vault Boy of the Month shirt

fallout-computer-whizIf you want to purchase it though you’ll have to make sure you hurry, it’ll only be available for one week.

In a post on the Bethesda Blog they revealed the Vault Boy the Month limited edition shirt. The shirt features the Computer Whiz Perk, which players will remember from Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.

The description for the perk from Fallout 3 was:

“Fail a hack attempt and get locked out of a computer? Not if you’re a computer whiz! With this perk, you get a second chance at any computer you were previously locked out of.”

Players who chose this perk were awarded with a second chance at hacking any computer that they were locked out of. In Fallout: New Vegas to complicate this a little, there was a delay between successive attempts. If the player had a high science skill though this perk can act like forcing a lock instead.

This shirt is the 28th Vault Boy of the Month shirt from Bethesda, with previous ones featuring some of the other perks like Robotics Expert and Party Boy. The shirts are sold exclusively at Bethesda’s online store.

The shirt is available in both men and women’s sizes, at the price of $20.

Have you purchased any of the Vault Boy of the Month shirts? Let us know your thoughts on the latest below.