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Witcher 3 Patch 1.08 Won’t Fix Skellige’s Most Wanted Bug

While it is good news that Patch 1.08 for Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is coming, people having issues with Skellige’s Most Wanted may not be so pleased. It has been announced that the patch won’t be fixing this issue just yet.

When Marcin Momot, community manager for CD Projekt Red was asked if they were aware of the issue, he confirmed that they were. He also went on to state that it will not be fixed in Patch 1.08:


While this may annoy people who are experiencing the glitch in the game, they should hold out some hope though when he says “shortly after.” This should mean that a separate patch is in the works for the issue, and it will be released once the major patch has been made available.

Patch 1.08 will fix performance issues, some quest bugs as well as an issue with the Card Collector achievement. The fact that the Skellige’s Most Wanted Quest glitch is not included in this may mean it is a more complicated fix and would hold up the patch. It could also be the case that as a free DLC Quest it may just have a different priority to the other quest bugs.

Hopefully the problems can be fixed as soon as possible to stop it causing issues for people trying to fully complete the game.

What are your thoughts on the Skellige’s Most Wanted Quest glitch not being fixed in Patch 1.08? Let us know below.