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Stellaris Is The New Strategy Game From Paradox, Steam Greenlight Leak Suggests

It looks like Paradox is planning to announce a new sci-fi grand strategy game, called Stellaris. The studio is yet to confirm the title but a leak from Steam Greenlight revealed the game’s existence.

You can see an image captured from Stellaris’ brief appearance of Steam below.

According to the official description:

Explore a vast galaxy full of wonders! Paradox Development Studio, makers of Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis series presents Stellaris, an evolution of grand strategy genre with space exploration at its core.

A reddit user also managed to see the trailer of the game before it was removed. According to him:

The trailer was a ship flying through space next to some planets and then it ends on meeting an unknown space station. (Think maybe third person view of an elite dangerous ship).

The idea of a grand strategy game set in space sounds promising, but for now we will have to file it under “rumor.” Paradox hasn’t said a word, but if the images aren’t ¬†fake and the title actually exists, we should hear about it in the near future.

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