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Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts Comments On Derek Smart Controversy

Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts has shared his perspective regarding the situation at hand with Derek Smart. According to Roberts, he doesn’t pay much attention to Smart and such people should pay attention to their own work.

Recently, Darek Smart called Star Citizen’s Kickstarter campaign “nothing short of pure, unadulterated puffery.” He had concerns of transparency and conflicting statements¬†from RSI, which he said could lead to a project shut down.

At one point, Chris Roberts Industries even refunded Smart’s money, $250 that he gave RSI when backing up the project on Kickstarter.

According to Roberts:

I try not to get into any of that. I think people who talk about other people’s work… I don’t know what to say, other than, if someone spent so much energy focusing on their own stuff, maybe people would like their own stuff better. I don’t particularly pay much attention to him because it seems like the more people pay attention to him… I think at the end of the day the game is gonna speak for itself, the content speaks for itself.

Roberts added:

We have a lot of people who work really hard on this, they’re very passionate about making everything possible for people that have backed it. Maybe it’s taking a bit longer than people want it to, but I think it’s going to be really good and it’s also expanded in terms of scope. I’m pretty confident that [none of the backers want] some small limited scope game. And the only person who probably would want that is someone who doesn’t want to have a game that’s significantly better than the one they’re making.

He further said that these keyboard warriors are a problem for the industry. They have a platform to speak which they wouldn’t have had in the past, so they are misusing it.

When Darek was given his money back, he wasn’t happy, and asked fans to contact US Federal Trade Commission if they had similar concerns and wanted their money back.

On the other hand RSI said that Smart is ¬†using Star Citizen as a way to promote his own space game called “Line of Defense.”

Smart says that he will hold these people accountable.

We’ll have to wait and see where things go from here.