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Scalebound is the Full-Featured Action RPG that Xbox One Needed

The upcoming Scalebound by Platinum Games is so much more than what we saw during E3 2015 or Gamescom 2015; as experienced by Gamescom attendees.

After Xbox briefing video, the attendees were shown various features that are still in development. According to recent previews of the game; Scalebound is not just a hack n’ slash and is a full-featured action role-playing game with an inventory, loot, non-linear exploration, weapon durability, in-game economy, NPC cities, and more.

The dragon, Thuban, is heavily customizable allowing players to change its default model, change its skin armor, and even its breath element – swapping fire with ice. In addition to this, the game focuses on exploration and dungeons in a non-linear in-game world.

Drew, the game’s protagonist, can spend gems – acquired by slaying monsters – can be spent to acquire new upgrades for Drew and Thuban.

Moreover, in Scalebound, Drew can wield different sorts of weapon which can also break over time. All in all, the game has all the elements that any hardcore role-playing game fan craves for and is a brilliant addition in Xbox One first-party line-up.

Scalebound is scheduled to arrive sometime in 2016 exclusively on the Xbox One.

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