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Phil Spencer Defends Himself Over Comments About Sony and Third-Party Deals

Phil Spencer may be regretting his comments on Sony buying Third-Party Deals today, as the backlash start to take effect. Just looking at a comment on Twitter shows that some think he is slightly hypocritical for the comments.


As always though it does seem the case that by not reading the full comment people are overreacting to what he said. I’ll admit to doing the same.

In context, the comment was made during an interview with Gamespot where the interview was focusing on Microsoft’s focus on first-party titles. When asked if Sony’s focus on securing third-party deals he actually said:

“So, they don’t “gobble” the deals up. They buy them. You know, I read the same things you do, and I know some people think it’s somehow less expensive to sign third-party exclusives if you have a bigger market-share. I can tell you, it has nothing to do with market share.”

So what is the context? Simply saying it isn’t about the size of Sony’s market share that gets them the third-party deals. It is more about the amount of money they put into getting them. As you can see, this is not “pointing fingers” at Sony but just a clarification of the situation. Whether we agree with him of course is a different matter.

As we know Microsoft have their own third-party deals, the biggest right now arguably being The Rise of the Tomb Raider. So to attack Sony for doing the same would be foolish. This may be a case of read the whole comment before moving in to attack.

Was Spencer foolish for making the comments he did? Let us know your thoughts below.