Mafia 3 Lieutenant System, New Orleans Setting and More

When Mafia 3 releases it is going to bring you a specially carved out world filled with mob bosses, Vietnam war crisis, racism, drugs and a gory world full of organized crime in the 1960’s; so here we are with another bucketful of details on the game.

The Creative director at Hangatr 13, Haden Blackman starts off by providing a brief history of our protagonist and how he longs for a sense of belonging – having grown up without a family.

As far as Lieutenants – the companions – of our protagonist are concerned, they are going to be able to help you on missions providing muscle, cover fire, sniper and whatnot.

More importantly there is going to be these hideouts that you can give to them for running the crime scene and get you a cut from the earnings. In Mafia 3 there are rewards tied to certain hideouts being given to certain Lieutenants too.

The reason why Hangar 13 chose New Orleans is because the whole package it gave back in 1968 i.e. social upheavals, racist communities, Vietnam rage, high profile assassinations, and yes, incredible cars from that era and impressive music.

Does this information lift up Mafia 3 more in your eyes?