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Hitman Developers Still Deciding On Day One Content; There are No Paid DLC

So the latest Hitman game comes out on December 8 and you would assume the developers have everything set in order for it; but guess what, they are still not sure what to present to you on day one!

To be honest it is more of an issue about how seriously they take it when they make a commitment about the game because apparently, the reason why we have not been told what the game will bring is because the developers first want to be sure themselves.

This came out through a short interview with studio head at IO Interactive, Hannes Seifert, where he was talking about the new Hitman game and its content. It was there that he confirmed the game will have “no microtransactions, no paid DLC.”

While Seifert confirmed that they will confirm the day one content very soon after Gamescom 2015, he added that they wanted to give us a roll out plan that IO Interactive will be able to meet:

This is a huge opportunity for us to listen to the world and to align with everybody. Based on that we will communicate our roll-out plan. We also need to complete it because I don’t want to promise a roll-out plan we can’t keep. We need to be very sure about this is the quality we can achieve and this is the point in time we can deliver it. When we promise that we will be good with that.

That’s why it takes a little bit [of time] to make this plan solid. But I fully agree, before someone makes the commitment to buy the game they need to know what they’re getting. And that’s what we have to communicate in a very crystal clear way.

So yeah, they are not sure about what they want to bring to us when Hitman releases on December 8, but that is only a matter of time – hopefully.