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Final Fantasy XV is Precisely 65 Percent Complete, Says Hajime Tabata

Contrary to the rumors, Square Enix did not bring us a release date of Final Fantasy XV at Gamescom 2015, if you are unhappy about that, here’s an explanation to help you. The developers say that the game is now 65 percent complete.

Right before the Active Time Report at Gamescom, the game director Hajime Tabata dropped a couple of lines about the stage of development that the game is in at the moment.

The best part he shared was that Final Fantasy XV release date has already been decided, it was just not their plan to share it at Gamescom. To this he added that there was nothing that you needed to worry about the game’s developmental process since everything was on track now.

Coming back to the release date for the game Tabata shared that they have also finalized when the announcement is going to be made.

Talking specifically about how much of the game was complete he stated that about 65 percent of the work was done. Don’t let that figure make you sad about the time when you will play the game because now all the plans are in place like sales, marketing as well as development.

In short, Final Fantasy XV is “very much where it’s supposed to be right now.”

Are you happy about the way the game is being developed?