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Don’t Expect Minecraft 2 Anytime Soon

When games become a success the question of a sequel inevitably gets raised. With Minecraft, which is constantly evolving, is there a need for an actual sequel?

It seems that Mojang don’t think so just yet. While recently speaking to IGN, company CEO Jonas Martensson made it clear there are no plans for a sequel in the foreseeable future.

“First of all, there’s been no discussions about Minecraft 2 at the moment,” he said. “I can’t promise forever there’ll never be a Minecraft 2, but for the foreseeable future there won’t be.”

This isn’t the sign that Minecraft is doomed though, rather the fact that Minecraft as it stands will continue to be improved in its current form. In fact there are plans for updates to continue for the next ten year.

On the evolution of the Minecraft experience, he also said:

“I think we’ve always been listening to the players and one big step has been to bring the game to all platforms and letting people play together. We also want to make sure the creativity of the community is still there, so we can allow and empower all our users to create plugins or mods, then I think then the community will take the game where it’s going to be in five years.”

Also, on if Microsoft have ever pushed for a Minecraft 2:

“There was never, even within Microsoft, a conversation about a Minecraft 2 just because it’s never how the game has been developed and even in the philosophy that the company has taken with Windows 10 where this is something that gets updated often,” echoed Microsoft Games Studios general manager Matt Booty. “The way to think about it is more to do with continual updates and a continual process.”

So there we have it, we may not have a Minecraft 2, but the original game will keep evolving over the years to become a better experience for the players.

Is a sequel really needed for an evolving game like Minecraft? Let us know your thoughts below.