Ubisoft has Finally Cracked Sword Fighting? For Honor Claims So

A big surprise from Ubisoft at E3 was without a doubt, For Honor. The game is Ubisoft’s attempt to create a brand new genre and is Jason VandenBerghe’s dream project.

Ubisoft has shared a new video, featuring VandenBerghe and other developers talking about the game; three weeks before For Honor’s E3 reveal.

The way they talk about the game, it seems they might have cracked sword fighting in video games. You can see the passion VandenBerghe has for this project and hopefully his passion will translate into a great game for fans.

CQC is the main focus of For Honor and players will choose a specific class e.g Samurai, Viking, Knight. From here on this multiplayer heavy title will pin you against other players.

For Honor pretty much looks like a MOBA in third person view. In the video above, Vadenberghe also talks about a breakthrough in controls, want to know why he’s making this claim? Check out the video above to know more.