The Taken King is Bringing Big Changes to Destiny, Fans Should be Excited

The more we learn about The Taken King, the more we see that there are big changes coming to Destiny with this release. Not only with the changes to Ghost (Peter Dinklage to Nolan North), but also changes that will change Destiny in a major way.

GameInformer have a cover story that is available to paid-subscribers only but PlanetDestiny have collected many details on what has been seen so far, here are some highlights:

  • With the Release of The Taken King one Guardian can be levelled up to the minimum required for the new DLC
  • Weapons, armour, class items, and Ghost shell all have perk customisations as well as increased power and light for the Guardian.
  • The RNG algorithm will be re-tooled to be smarter to provide more useful rewards.
  • There will be a lore in the game that you can “opt-in” to by pressing of a button to bring up the info in real time.
  • Missions will be reorganised and contextualised to be placed in a larger framework. This includes all missions, even the older ones to form more dedicated quest lines.
  • Vanguard vendors will provide quests that are unlocked at certain point of game progression
  • Eris Morn will provide quests that lead to the rediscovery of a forgotten weapon type.
  • Holding L2 on the pause menu allows you to look at the energy types equipped for each weapon. This will include visual prompts to highlight new items and subclasses
  • Crucible and Vanguard marks will be replace with Legendary marks. Armour Materials will replace Hadronic Essence, Sapphire Wire, Plasteel Plating.
  • You won’t have to wear class items to gain reputation. Through pledging allegiance to a faction, this will be enough.
  • Shaders and Emblems will be housed in their own console, this will lead to better organisation of the Vault space.
  • Over a dozen new Exotic weapons will be added as well as half a dozen armour pieces for each class.
  • 8 new maps and 3 new modes will be added. The modes will be Mayhem, Rift and Zone Control.
  • There will be four new strikes (only three for non Playstation users) with an additional three remixed older strikes.

On The Taken Foes:

  • Taken Captains – Have Solar shields, throw out balls of darkness to blind Guardians
  • Taken Knights – AoE Scorch attack, avoid close combat
  • Taken Centurions – Have deadly tracking shots
  • Taken Wizards – Summon “shadow thralls,” these enemies should be taken out quickly.
  • Taken Psions – Have the power to multiply
  • Taken Vandals – Deploys a Defender Titan-like Shield.
  • Taken Phalanxes – Has an impulse blast that applies a physics impetus
  • Taken Thralls – Uses teleportation over short distances

Even with all of these details listed above, there are still revelations to come. The fact that these changes are having a game-wide effect is very interesting, as long as they don’t change the game in a negative way of course.

Do these changes sound like a positive move to you? Let us know your thoughts below.