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The Diablo is the Latest Confirmed Car for Need for Speed

EA held their Gamescom 2015 press conference today and revealed some details about Need For Speed. While the FMV heavy game style was shown, a car reveal was saved for Instagram.

In the new image that was shared, EA have revealed that the Lamborghini Diablo has been confirmed for the game.

Diablo confirmed! #NeedforSpeed

A photo posted by Need for Speed (@needforspeed) on Aug 5, 2015 at 9:44am PDT

It will be interesting to see which style of gameplay this car will fit. As was now know there are 5 styles of driving that the player can focus on, each are connected to its own real life icon in urban racing. These are:

  • Speed Icon – Magnus Walker collects and restores classic Porsche 911s and is a racer focused on speed.
  • Style Icon – Ken Block has a more aggressive style, you gain his attention by precision sliding and showing off your skills
  • Build Icon – Nakai-san the founder of RAUH-WELT BEGRIFF (RWB) whose attention is gained by having an impressively customised car.
  • Crew Icon – Risky Devil are a drift crew, so if you are a fan of this style you’ll need to show just how good you are to gain their attention.
  • Outlaw Icon – Morohoshi-san the rebel doesn’t care what people things, to get his attention you have to risk it all and take on the cops in high octane chaces.

Will the Diablo work best with any of these? Speed, Style, Build, and Outlaw are obvious ones though I do feel this car is probably more about build for the most part.

Are you looking forward to driving the Lamborghini Diablo in Need for Speed? Let us know your thoughts below.