Mafia 3 World Reveal Trailer Unmasks The Face of Organised Crime

As promised, 2K has revealed Mafia 3 with a very intense and exciting new gameplay trailer. A release date for the game is yet to be revealed but 2K is planning to launch Mafia 3 sometime in 2016.

From the looks of the trailer above, the game will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Mafia 3 features a brand new protagonist named Lincoln Clay. He is half white and half black, and is willing to do anything for his family. His story will be told in deep south of New Orleans, during 1968.

The game will tackle sensitive issues like violent racism.

Clay is an unadjusted man, grew-up an orphan and took part in the Vietnam War. Coming back home from the war, Clay became a member of the Black Mob, but lost everything when the Italian Mob wiped them out. It looks like Clay’s story is primarily about brutal vengeance and building his own empire.

Clay can bring many gang leaders into fold, including Mafia II protagonist Vito Scaletta, Cassandra and Burke. These characters will play the role of Clay’s lieutenants, help him unlock different abilities and will betray him if they feel Clay is not doing enough for them.