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Dark Souls 3 Gameplay Footage is Revealed at Gamescom 2015

Earlier we featured some images from Dark Souls 3 that featured a dark style, now we have some gameplay footage. While this footage will be exactly what fans will want to see, it also features a less dark style than we’ve previously seen.

While this is the case, the fact the things are not always dark is nothing new with the Dark Souls games, especially in outside environments. Although the footage has more of a feel of Bloodborne and Dark Souls combined, there is a visual look reminiscent of Dark Souls 2.

To see the game in action is exactly what fans will want to see. To get a true feel for the game you have to see the fighting, experience the battles and see just how hard the enemies are to defeat. While we may not get much of a taste of any true challenge in this two minute video we still experience enough of the fighting style to be able to compare it to the previous Dark Souls games and of course Bloodborne.

Hopefully this is a sign that Hidetaka Miyazaki is bringing what he gave Playstation 4 fans with Bloodborne and adding it into the Dark Souls games. The fact that Dark Souls 3 can be so easily compared to the Sony exclusive game will probably start a lot of debate with fans. Especially when it comes to the Xbox One vs. Playstation 4 debate. In truth though there is little to argue about, Dark Souls 3 is an evolution of both games, and that has to be a positive thing for gamers.

On the technical side of things, Dark Souls 3 looked impressive in the video and looks to be running at 60FPS, it will be interesting if at any point there will be talk of anything less. What is obvious though is that Dark Souls 3 is moving in the right direction in terms of what it is offering to fans.

Do you like what you see in this new gameplay footage? Let us know your thoughts below.