Batman: Arkham Knight Photo Mode Shows Gotham City at its Best

With the latest update to Batman: Arkham Knight the game saw the addition of the Photo Mode for the game, and as expected it is seeing some impressive results. Below are a selection that have been uploaded to Imgur showing off some of the most impressive images that have been captured.

In this first image we see the famous Batman emblem in the sky recreated by the Dark Knight, which was created with a bit of perfect timing by the player:

In this image, again we see the iconic image of the bat with his cape fully extended. With this image taking on a more dramatic style you could imagine Batman taking on this gigantic statue in battle:
If you’ve played the game you will know that there are colourful areas of Gotham City that do look beautiful even with the criminals trying to destroy the city. Here we see the chinatown entertainment district in full colour, with a certain bat casting a silhouette on the cage:
This image shows Batman in full flight, what is more impressive though is the detail in the buildings showing off Gotham’s shadowy gothic style:
This image is taken in the business area of Founders Island taken as Batman takes flight over Stagg’s airships:
This picture is taken to show the games lighting at work, with the helicopter’s light searching the city for criminals. Less aggressive than the drones that can be found in the sky searching for Batman, he can be seen flying past:
This picture features Batman in the industrial area of Gotham City, taking time to dramatically stand above a sign. Again showing off the games lighting impressively:

This shot is of Wayne Tower, and although Batman may hide his identity a secret quite well, doesn’t the sign on the tower have a certain familiar look?
In this final image we see once again the impressive gothic style of Gotham City. Can you spot Batman in this image?
What these images show is just how good the game can look. I wonder what we’d be provided with if the PC version had this option right now? I doubt the results would be as impressive. Maybe when it is fixed, we’ll be able to see just what the PC game should have looked like.

Are you impressed by these images created using the Photo Mode? Let us know your thoughts below.