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Watch New PES 2016 Footage featuring Juventus F.C. vs. A.C. Milan

PES 2016 is heading towards its September 25 release, and today a new video from IGN has revealed gameplay featuring Juventus F.C. vs. A.C. Milan. You should be warned that this is a Portuguese video, even if you don’t speak the language though the gameplay is worth a watch.

The video gives a good feel as to how the game will play, though it should be noted that we don’t know just what version of the game code is being used. Even with this in consideration, the game plays well and we do get a taste of normal gameplay as well as free kicks situations, scoring and how the celebration system works.

During the gameplay an international game is also played between France and Brazil which shows a change in stadium which is also impressive. When looking at the game in comparison with FIFA 16, PES 2016 really is having somewhat of a comeback especially in graphical quality.

Konami’s Fox engine definitely makes the game look impressive and it will be interesting to see this running on the Xbox One too so we can compare the two. As you can see in this video this is Playstation 4 footage. While we can’t really tell by the video what the true performance it appears to be running smooth and looks impressive.

From personal experience with PES, it comes down to actually trying the game yourself to get a feel as to how it plays. In the past there has been a definite feel to PES that differs from FIFA, with my choice being EA Sport’s game. In recent years though I will admit that PES has caught my eye.

Does this footage from PES 2016 impress you? Let us know your thoughts below.