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The Taken King to Bring a Voice Change for Ghost with Nolan North Taking the Role

When Destiny was first released, one of the most noticeable issues with the game for some was the voicing of Ghost. While Peter Dinklage’s abilities as an actor can’t be faulted, his monotonic performance as Ghost though didn’t live up to expectations for many.

While players will have been used to Dinklage’s voice for some time, prepare for a change with the release of The Taken King, as Nolan North is set to take over the role.

Speaking to Gameinformer about the role North had this to say:

“I was really excited to do this role, you want to give him as much personality as the world will allow, without making it unbelievable. There’s a fine line to walk there, and I think we found it.”

When asked about his understanding of Ghost, he also said:

“It’s interesting, because at one point they find another Ghost that’s been killed,” North says. “A Ghost is not just something that can be turned back on. It has an idea of ending. It understands mortality. It has a vested interest in helping you succeed.”

To unify the experience over the original Destiny content and The Taken King, Bungie have had North re-record all the original dialogue for the game. This will help keep the storytelling experience consistent. For those who were fans of Dinklage’s performance as Ghost, it will soon be time to say goodbye.

Looking to the future, Nolan North does seem invested in the role, saying:

“I’m hoping we’re doing this for years. If I get a chance to continue with the role, I think we can evolve Ghost as we move forward over the years. In the same way that the player learns about the game and the world, maybe the Ghost grows with them.”

While it is interesting news having such an actor replaced in this way, logically it does make sense. Especially with the long-term plan in place for Destiny. It will be interesting to see just how different the game feels once Nolan North’s vocals take over and “Dinklebot” is a thing of the past.

Did Bungie replacing Peter Dinklage with Nolan North surprise you? Let us know your thoughts below.