Scalebound Gamescom Gameplay Trailer Welcomes You to World of Dragons

Scalebound is present at Gamescom and it takes players to a world filled with Dragons, magic, and brave warriors. Microsoft revealed a new trailer for the game, it’s posted above so check it out.

Platinum Games has done a great job to create an intriguing world for players to jump-into, to explore its mysteries and battle some of the most feared monsters of the land.

Platinum Games has surely made-up for missing E3, by showing this amazing new gameplay video. Just looking at the player taking on enemies in this beautiful open world makes your jaws drop.

There is something weird about the video though, for some reason, our hero is seen wearing headphones, while taking on fully armoured knights, and archers.

You may also notice some performance issues in the video, but not too worry, the game is still a long way from release so developers will have plenty of time to fix things.

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