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Rock Band 4 Trailer Promises a “Freestyle” Approach to Performances

Microsoft have started Gamescom 2015 with some big name releases, and the release of trailers for some of the games they think will be popular on their console. One of these is Rock Band 4, though the trailer release offers little difference than what we’ve seen in the past.

What is noticeable though is the marketing hype that is in full effect for the game, trying to make us believe that you get the feel of being a part of a real band and experiencing that feel of being on stage. This is something that Guitar Hero Live also tries to reproduce in their move to a more FMV style experience.

For fans of these type of games though there seems to be two options, with Guitar Hero pushing a big change in their game style, but Rock Band 4 looking to a trusted game style. While Rock Band 4 may not provide much in innovation it does offer a fun experience.

One of the things that the trailer shows off is the new “Freestyle” gameplay, where the player leaves the focus on getting the correct button pressed at the same time and move into a more solo mode, like an artist on the stage getting their moment in the spotlight. Hopefully this is where you get your big bonuses and build up a high points score.

Another interesting note is the fact over 1500 songs will be available. Most of these will be through downloadable content, but with plenty to start you off on initial purchase. The focus is on pushing you to spend more money on the game though to get your favourite games.

Are you looking forward to Rock Band 4? Let us know your thoughts below.