Crackdown 3 Gamescom Trailer Shows Destruction At an Epic Scale

Crackdown 3 is being shown at Gamescom in Germany and it is exactly what fans were expecting to see. With added power of the new Xbox One, developers have provided us with destruction at an epic scale.

During the event, the game was referred to as “the ultimate sandbox;” and it surely looks like it as well. This is also the very first time Crackdown Xbox One is officially referred to as Crackdown 3.

The title will offer players customizable vehicles and a massive game world that is destructable to its bones. The power of the cloud is being utilized here as well, which gives developers 20% extra processing power.

Similar to the original game, the new Crackdown will allow players to target different bosses throughout the city. However, unlike the original, Crackdown 3 features 100% destructible environments.

Phil Spencer mentioned that the game will be released in the coming year. However, a release date is still missing from the action.

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