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Attack on Titan will be the Omega Force Coming this Winter

Koei Tecmo have a countdown page that is currently teasing that something is coming tomorrow (August 5.) While it will be officially confirmed once the countdown ends it looks like it will be an Attack on Titan game.

The messages for each day have been:

  • Day 1: “This is Not ‘Warriors’”
  • Day 2: “It comes from the Beyond.”
  • Day 3: “In a world of fear and despair.”
  • Day 4: “Who can you truly trust?”
  • Day 5: “Is this world even real?”
  • Day 6: “With Blade in hand, fight on!”

While these hints themselves don’t really point towards Attack on Titan, Omega Force the developers of Dynasty Warriors may have revealed the truth on the 17th Attack on Titan manga volume releasing this coming Friday. A QT features on the sleeve, as can be seen here:

This QT code leads to a page that is yet to be activated, but we’ll likely see that happen tomorrow.

With this QT code being on Attack on Titan, it is safe to assume that this means the teased game will be based on the popular anime/manga and this game is aimed to be released on the Playstation platform.

We will get more news on the game tomorrow, but it does look like it has unintentionally been revealed, and is exciting news for fans of Attack on Titan.

Are you looking forward to the reveal of the game tomorrow? Let us know your thoughts below.