This Pokemon Movie Teaser Hints at Two New Pokemon

Pokmeon fans are always looking to catch more and more of them whenever and wherever they can find some. However, there is a limited number of Pokemon in the universe which is why a teaser about two new Pokemon is news!

Officially titled Pokémon the Movie XY: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages, the Pokemon movie came out in Japan a couple of weeks ago and interestingly, there is a teaser right at the end of it.

If you check out the video embedded above, you will be able to see a blob like creature jumping from the top of the name of the movie followed by a dark silhouetted figure that is definitely the same we saw in a story covered by CoroCoro recently.

Of course none of these were confirmed as new Pokemon in the Pokemon movie either, but there’s definitely something in there.

Hopefully Game Freak will share more information on these soon.