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Momotaro Dentetsu Licensed to Nintendo by Konami, New Game?

It has come to our attention that Konami has reportedly sold Nintendo the license to Momotaro Dentetsu, Hudson Soft’s series that kicked off in 1988. This shines light on a number of things one of which is that we could be looking at a new game soon!

The news came out through the same Nikkei report that has laid some explosive claims on Konami revealing an allegedly poisonous organizational culture where – in all honestly it feels like – the employees are treated like slaves.

So according to them, Konami has thrown aside Momotaro Dentetsu franchise after they got into a disagreement with the developer they were working with.

As a result, a new game has been licensed this time but to Nintendo. Apparently, we are going to get a new game in 2016!

Not just that it was further revealed that Konami is surprisingly only interested in the license fee and nothing else regarding the series right now.

There are a lot of question that have gone unanswered; for example it was rumored back in June that the series was ending and then all this comes up suddenly.

Also we don’t know whether the creator is going to work on it or not, who at Nintendo would be developing the new Momotaro Dentetsu game and for what platform.

On the other hand aren’t these new details shining a completely new light (not mentioning Kojima here – oh dear, I just did) at the image of Konami we have in our mind?