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Gears of War 4 to be Co-Op and True to the Original

While we are nowhere near the release of Gears of War 4, this doesn’t stop gamers from wanting to know more about it. In a new interview with IGN, The Coalition’s Rod Fergusson revealed some details about the new chapter of the popular franchise.

One thing that comes up many times in the interview is the concept of “going back” to what made Gears of Wars so popular with its fans. This includes making the game a co-op experience, rather than follow most modern day first person shooter styles, so we won’t have a Gears of War that feels more like Call of Duty:

“Rather than follow those games, I’d rather lead by being true to what makes Gears Gears,” Fergusson said. “That’s why we’re going back to co-op, the two of you sharing that experience. It’s awesome.”

When it comes to the story itself, he again wants to look at what makes Gear of War strong:

“We’re going back to something personal, intimate, dark, and mysterious, being afraid of the boogeyman”

Another issue which will be important with the fans is that their beloved franchise is in safe hands, to help them feel confident he says The Coalition are going to:

“show the respect for the franchise…. We have to do it right before we do it different…. We’re going to treat it properly. Then we can talk about greater innovations.”

With these words, it does appear that Rod Fergusson and The Coalition definitely know what they have to do to get Gears of War 4 right. Too often the risk takes is to bring something new to a game like this and to forget what truly made it special in the first place.

Are you looking forward to Gears of War 4? Let us know your thoughts below.