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DOOM Mod Support Limited to SnapMap, Tools Discussed by Bethesda

Were you expecting DOOM mod support from Bethesda Softworks to be limitless? If you were, the corporate vice president and head of public relations at the developer has confirmed all you will get (and maybe need?) is SnapMap.

While the confirmation about DOOM Mod Support being limited to SnapMap came through a one liner reading “everything that we’re doing on the mod side will be through SnapMap,” Hines went on to discuss the feature itself too.

While explaining the extent to which the feature is going to help out the modders, he revealed that it was also not going to be exactly the same as tools that came with previous games despite having a lot of commonalities:

The SnapMap tools are much the same. Give it to anybody and they can do simple stuff, but the complex stuff – all those things that used to be super-complicated – the idea is that there’s enough complexity and depth there that you can do all this scripting stuff, and make new gameplay modes.

It’s got this really steep high end, but you don’t have to jump right to it like you do with the [previous] Doom tools.

In an answer a question about Doom 4 recreation using the tools being provided by Bethesda with DOOM mod support Hines revealed that the SnapMap is probably going to be useless or limited for “outdoor stuff” as it is “more an interior thing.”

What do you make of SnapMap and Bethesda’s decision to limit DOOM mod support to it?