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Chris Wynn: Aliens in Mass Effect Andromeda are Taking a “Surprising Amount of Time”

Aliens in Mass Effect Andromeda are taking a “surprising amount of time” to get done, according to developer Chris Wynn.

Wynn shared a Tweet which reveals that developers are really working hard on the alien life form we’ll be seeing in the new Mass Effect.

We don’t yet have much details on the aliens, worlds and characters we’ll interact with in Mass Effect Andromeda, but at least we know developers are working their a**-off on the game; which is always a good sign.

Mass Effect 3 wasn’t the most loved entry in the series, but Bioware is focused on making Andromeda the best Mass Effect to date. Surely, with the added hardware power of the new consoles, developers can do much more with the aliens, environments, and characters of the game.

Bioware plans on releasing Mass Effect Andromeda in late 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Gamescom is just around the corner and many are expecting to see more of the game during the event.

However, Bioware recently announced that they will be sharing more about the game towards the end of the year; so it’s unlikely we’ll see anything at Gamescom.