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Anno 2205 Beta Cancelled; New Command Ship, Corporate Emblem Coming

Bad news folks, city builder games lovers are not going to be able to play the Anno 2205 beta as promised by Ubisoft.

This is because the developers have confirmed they have cancelled the closed beta plans through a post made by the community manager of Ubisoft’s German forums.

While this is a rough translation from the German website, it does convey the general substance of the decision made by Ubisoft.

We are very excited to put the game in your hands and look forward to your feedback. Unfortunately we will not be able to hold the previously announced closed beta. Nevertheless, we can expect to let you go to the moon on November 3.

At least you can be happy that the game has not been delayed as well and that it was just the Anno 2205 beta that got cancelled. However, that is not stopping those who preordered from fuming on about the cancellation over the internet.

So in order to fix that up a little bit, Ubisoft Blue Byte Mainz is promising that everyone who preordered the game will be able to play it a little earlier.

Parallel to that the Anno 2205 developers have also promised to release a new ship for the game as an unlockable item called Command Ship that we have attached an image for and an exclusive item, the Corporation Emblem.

No explanations were provided regarding the Anno 2205 beta cancellation and open beta phase was also not confirmed by the developers.