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Project Morpheus Games Will Be “Concentrated and Concise,” Won’t Have 50 Hours of Gameplay

According to Sony, Project Morpheus games will not have extensive gameplay. Meaning players shouldn’t expect games to last for 50 hours or so.

In short, you’ll experience short VR bursts.

The news came from SCE America CEO Shawn Layden, who recently spoke during an interview, and said they believe that VR experience should be “concentrated and concise.”

I think the VR experience really befits a more concentrated and concise gaming experience.

Due to them being short, they will not cost more than traditional PS4 games. This will also help lift the burden of inflation from indie developers.

Project Morpheus is expected to release for PlayStation 4 sometime next year.

VR is a growing market but as I have said time and again, price will be crucial. Morpheus’ success relies on its price point and library of games. And who can forget, Microsoft is also bringing HoloLens to compete with Morpheus, so success won’t be easy.

We’ll have more for you regarding Sony’s VR outing in the near future. Till then, feel free to discuss all things VR in the comments.