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Microsoft’s VR Plans, Xbox One First Party Games; Phil Spencer Discusses All

Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division usually takes time out to sit down and talk about their future plans as well as their performance at the moment. Recently he shed a lot of light on numerous things including virtual reality projects, first party Xbox One titles and more.

Spencer was interviewed by a Chinese website (the details we are sharing with you are based on translations) where he clearly stated that Microsoft is not going to develop a VR product of their own.

Instead, they will rely on Oculus and Valve to turn Windows 10 a “fight perfect” VR platform.

Moving on, the head of Xbox One said that he was focusing on first party titles because they want to increase investment. In future they will also devote time and resources in polishing first party brands that they already own, or will acquire.

When prompted to explain why the Xbox One Elite Controller was so high in price Spencer simply nodded towards the name of the controller saying that it was supposed to be since it is directed at the “elite” users.

He then continued to talk about the additional customization options that the Elite Controller comes with suggesting that the extra price does have a value attached to it.

It will be interesting to see what Microsoft has in store for us at Gamescom 2015.