ZombiU is Heading to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC Later this Month

After almost 3 years, the awesome Wii U exclusive ZombiU is shedding its exclusivity. The game will arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Removing the “U” for the title, Ubisoft now calls the title “Zombi.” The game will arrive digitally on August 18 to all above mentioned platforms.

The HUD that was previously on the Wii U’s gamepad, will now be visible on-screen, but will disappear when not in-use. The field of view is expanded as well and two new weapons – shovel and bat with nails – are added to the game. The flashlight now comes with a high powered beam that’ll drain the battery much quicker.

Also, going through your inventory will not pause the game anymore; meaning you could be attacked in the process. There is no two-player mode this time around, solo play is the focus for Zombi.

Watching the trailer for the Zombi, I couldn’t help but think that Ubisoft bringing this title back in the limelight after so many years, might be indication of something very interesting.

The game was received well by fans and critics, and we were hoping to see a sequel for it. It could be possible that Ubisoft is planning a second game that’ll release on all major platforms, but wanted to test the waters before they announce something.

If there is a sequel in the works, I doubt it will release for the Wii U. However, an NX release is highly possible.